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Behavioral Health and Emotional Well-Being

Behavioral health is a recognized component of any care plan and an important piece of whole-person health. Diabetes care and education specialists are positioned to collaborate with the individual to determine behavioral strategies to care while referring out for mental health challenges.

Podcast: Leveraging the DCES Value in Person-Centered Care

In this episode, we are talking about the diabetes care and education specialists value in the context of person-centered care and behavioral, mental, and emotional well-being. Dr. Bill Polonsky joins us to discuss how to leverage this role at the center of the care team to improve outcomes.

Practice Pearls: 

  • Don't rush to behavior change. Focus on being a good listener and not just a problem solver. Take the time to truly understand a person's individual situation before you make an assessment or offer advice. Think of yourself as a journalist, trying to get the story right. 
  • Don't assume people with diabetes aren't motivated. They are, it's just that there is likely something standing in their way. Get to know what that is and only then try to help them resolve it. 
  • Being a good listener = showing your patients respect.


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