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Utilizing Communication to Promote Your Value

The evidence is clear that diabetes care and education specialists are needed to improve outcomes and reduce costs. To clearly communicate this value, it is critical that you articulate who you are, what you have to offer and how you can deliver on the promise of value.

Podcast: Communicating Value in Conversations

Kellie Rodriguez, RN, MSN, MBA, CDCES and Jan Kavookjian, Ph.D., MBA, FAPhA, FADCES share guidance that diabetes education and care specialists can use to take ownership of their image and create demand at different levels of the healthcare system.

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Are you living the rebrand?

This value resource is part of a series of tools that we've developed since 2020 to help you demonstrate your value.

Have you:

  1. Updated your title from diabetes educator to diabetes care and education specialist?
    This includes in email signatures, signage, business cards, your website and any social media channels. If you have the (formerly called) certified diabetes educator credential, make sure you’ve updated any mentions to reflect the new name certified diabetes care and education specialist (CDCES).
  2. Reviewed your skillset and ensured you are working at the top of your scope? 
    ADCES has created self-assessment worksheets in our Roadmap for the Profession Page to help you identify and address gaps in knowledge and opportunities to fully step into this role.
  3. Spread the word?
    Communicate your value to area primary care offices and share this value resource with your health system leadership and colleagues.

Our Inspiration:

There you are. On the forefront.
Understanding. Preventing. Treating.

There’s a person with diabetes, right beside you.
Empowered. Encouraged. Energized.

And there we are, an evidence-based organization helping you stay on the leading edge. Researching, educating and facilitating a shared purpose and a singular focus, so that together we can foster a person-centered world where thriving is a way of life.

There we are, helping you connect with like-minded leaders, prove your value and create a circle of wellbeing that inspires not just our organization and persons with diabetes, but the future of an entire specialty.

There we are, observing, as individuals who are no longer defined by diabetes but instead by an optimism that says yes, I will live a longer, fuller life than I ever thought possible because you cared enough to lead, so that my best outcomes could follow.

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