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Cardiometabolic Conditions & Complications

People with diabetes are at an increased risk for developing cardiometabolic comorbid conditions like heart disease, eye complications and kidney disease. The diabetes care and education specialist is uniquely positioned to screen and develop individualized treatment strategies to decrease the risk of complications. ADCES has developed guidance and other tools to help you understand the potential cardiometabolic complications associated with diabetes, how to screen, treat and prevent advancement when possible.

Practice Guidance

The Role of the Diabetes Care and Education Specialist in Caring for Diabetes Complications and Common Comorbid Conditions 

Key points addressed:

  1. The current standards for medical care for screenings, prevention and treatment of cardiometabolic comorbid conditions.
  2. How to utilize the ADCES7 Self-Care Behaviors™ to manage behaviors to decrease risk factors.
  3. When and how to refer people to diabetes self-management education and support (DSMES) services and for medical nutrition therapy (MNT).
  4. When and how to refer people with prediabetes to the National Diabetes Prevention Program.
  5. How to assist in or make referrals for smoking cessation, weight management, blood pressure management and lipids management.

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