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Educator Tools Providing Guidance on Pump and Sensor Training

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Insulin pump therapy is an increasingly popular option for treatment of diabetes, but can be a complex topic for both educators and people with diabetes. Surrounding this topic, we have developed an online course that provides a deep dive into insulin pump therapy, and a set of practical tools and standardized guidelines to help empower diabetes care and education specialists to prevent, diagnose, and troubleshoot insulin infusion set problems that contribute to unexplained hyperglycemia.

Practice Paper

Continuous Subcutaneous Insulin Infusion (CSII) Without and With Sensor Integration

Continuous Subcutaneous Insulin Infusion (CSII) Without and With Sensor Integration

Reviews the role of the diabetes care and education specialists in the joint selection, initiation and care for people with diabetes who are using insulin pumps. Explains how the assessment process should work and which individuals make good pump candidates.

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Resources for Diabetes Care and Education Specialists

A set of downloadable PDFs for diabetes care and education specialists to navigate the complex topic of insulin infusion sets.

Teaching/Optimization Checklist

Insulin Infusion Sets--Teaching and Optimization Checklist

Troubleshooting Guide

Insulin Infusion Sets--Troubleshooting Guide

Site Rotation Toolkit

Insulin Infusion Sets--Site Rotation Toolkit

Education to Enhance Your Practice 

Online Course: Insulin Pump Therapy, 3rd Edition

Insulin Pump Therapy

Insulin pump therapy continues to grow in popularity among people with type 1 and insulin-requiring type 2 diabetes. As pump technology expands, so must clinicians' understanding of this innovative mode of therapy. This course provides soup-to-nuts instruction and insight on all aspects of pump therapy, from basic to advanced concepts. Specific topics include patient training/preparation, matching patients to appropriate equipment, fine-tuning pump settings, making use of advanced pump features, safety & troubleshooting, adjustments for special populations, and the business side of implementing a pump program. 6 CE hours

Online Course: The Insulin Solution: Overcoming Barriers to Insulin Use

This 2-module course gives diabetes educators increased knowledge of insulin dosing, titrations, and concentrated insulins, along with strategies for contributing to improved patient adherence. Includes lecture, interactive online activities, detailed case studies, and downloadable resources. Module 1 reviews insulin products, dosing and titration. Module 2 covers addressing and reducing barriers to insulin therapy. 4 CE hours

Certificate Programs:

ADCES' technology-focused website, danatech, offers these related certificate programs. Danatech is available to ADCES members only. Go to

Insulin Pump Therapy

Expand your knowledge and skills in applying insulin therapy. This comprehensive program details the latest guidelines for dosing, titrations and concentrated insulins. It also includes coursework on insulin products, individualizing and optimizing SMBG and time-in-range goals, pattern management and insulin pump therapy. Upon completion of the program, you will earn a digital badge to recognize your accomplishment. 20.5 CE Hours

Connected Insulin Delivery Devices and Clinical Application of Data

Discover the benefits of connected insulin delivery devices and the integrated data they provide. Learn how to utilize data from connected insulin delivery devices to create person centered treatment plans, and learn how to use remote monitoring and telehealth tools to enable meaningful change and improved outcomes. 6 CE hours

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