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The Diabetes Wellness Program

Presented in Partnership with Samsung, Welldoc and AADE

The Diabetes Wellness Program within the Samsung Health mobile app

Thanks to a partnership between Samsung, Welldoc and ADCES, people with diabetes who use Samsung phones can now access diabetes management support 24/7 through the Diabetes Wellness Program within the Samsung Health mobile app. Adapted from the popular BlueStar® platform, the Diabetes Wellness Program* within the Samsung Health mobile app provides personalized information for users. Content is based on the AADE7 Self-Care Behaviors™, encouraging evidence-based behavior change leading to improved outcomes and a better quality of life. 

Onboarding to a Mobile App

Onboarding to a Mobile App

The technology landscape in diabetes has moved beyond basic diabetes devices to include:

  • Personal Health Devices

  • Telehealth Services

  • Digital Education

  • Mobile Apps

ADCES is defining the broader diabetes technology ecosystem to include the growing number of digital health tools.

A Mobile App for Diabetes Management

The Diabetes Wellness Program within the Samsung Health mobile app

Features include:

  • Monitor food intake, exercise, sleep, medication, and blood glucose readings for better diabetes self-management

  • Instant feedback from blood glucose entries and medication reminders

  • Weekly challenges and rewards for achieving goals

  • Interactive quizzes and videos

Samsung Health App

Access the Diabetes Wellness Program from your Samsung smartphone.



Update or download the latest version of the Samsung Health app from Google Play


Select Program

Within Samsung Health click "Programs." Scroll down to "Disease Management" and click "Diabetes Wellness Program"



Click "Start Program"

*The Diabetes Wellness Program (DWP) is a wellness tool and not a medical device. It is not intended to prevent, treat or diagnose any disease or condition. The DWP does not provide medical advice and is not intended to replace the judgment of a consumer’s healthcare professional. The DWP is available through the Samsung Health app version 5.14, available for download with select carriers on Samsung Galaxy S6 and above smartphones in the U.S.

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