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Telehealth: Guidance and Resources to Extend Your Reach


Utilizing virtual health platforms to connect with clients can greatly expand the reach of your practice and remove many of the traditional barriers to diabetes education and support. When considering a telehealth program for your practice, it’s important to understand the many unique requirements and challenges that can arise. What technology will you utilize? How will you onboard clients? What will billing and reimbursement look like? ADCES has compiled a variety of resources to help you evaluate your needs when launching telehealth services.

COVID-19 & Telehealth Updates

The COVID-19 pandemic has, at least temporarily, changed telehealth implementation within diabetes education. For the latest information on how your program can utilize the 1135 CMS waivers, visit the link below. 

Perspectives In Practice

Understanding Telehealth

Telehealth offers many benefits to your practice and clients, however it's important to understand the basics of effective virtual care. ADCES asked telehealth experts to answer your most commonly asked questions. Click the questions below to see the video response. 

Telehealth Platforms: Technical Specifications 

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There are many vendors that can facilitate telehealth services. Click the link below for a basic overview of the key functionality of the various telehealth products as reported by the vendors on their own websites. ADCES has not vetted these companies but wanted to quickly provide information for diabetes care and education specialists seeking to implement them into practice. 

Access a comparison chart for licensed platforms or unlicensed platforms for distance learning. 


Additional Resources

MY AADE Network Communities of Interest (COI) Diabetes Technology COI

Connect with peers and get your questions answered in this ADCES members-only benefit. 

American Medical Association's Quick Guide to Telemedicine in Practice

A quick guide to help physicians and practices in the implementation of telemedicine including policy, coding and reimbursement. 


Resources for People With Diabetes


Prepping for a Telehealth Appointment

Help your clients get the most out of their session with a few simple tips:

  • When you’re ready for the appointment, use a quiet room and sit in a chair rather than walk around. 
  • Have available any diabetes management tools you might use e.g. meter, medications, insulin, CGM, pump, etc.

The Huddle: Conversations with the Diabetes Care Team

The Huddle is available on all major podcast platforms including Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsSpotify and Stitcher. Listen to previous episodes of The Huddle

Initiating Telehealth In Your Practice: Tips & Tricks From Someone Who’s Been There

Telehealth can extend your reach and reduce barriers to care, but what are the steps to starting these services? Hear from Jamie Lee, a certified diabetes care and education specialist who has been there. Jamie shares how she implemented telehealth services in a rural area of Eastern Kentucky and discusses what she learned that could help your practice. This episode is brought to you by the ADCES Foundation.

Education for Your Practice 

Recorded Webinars

Strategies for Successful DSMT and MNT Telehealth Implementation

Utilizing telehealth to deliver DSMES and MNT can increase access and utilization in the marketplace. This presentation provides an overview to implement successful DSMES and MNT telehealth programs. A case study is the basis of our integrated discussion. Presenters will share their journeys utilizing telehealth.

How Can We Reach You? Incorporating Telehealth into the Employee DSMES Program

Data demonstrates that engagement in DSMES results in a decrease in A1C. Literature supports findings that the delivery of DSMES via telehealth can be effective. In collaboration with employee wellness/health and technology support, telehealth can be incorporated into employee DSMES programs. This presentation will discuss the challenges of delivering a DSMES program to employees utilizing telehealth technology.

Navigate Telehealth with Omnipod DASH™ and Glooko

Omnipod and Glooko are working together to improve telehealth for care teams. Join us for a webinar discussion on how to automatically share diabetes data with clinicians to optimize visibility and accessibility to patient data in order to facilitate telehealth. You will also meet an ADCES subject matter expert who will share her experience and success seeking reimbursement with RPM CPT codes. 

Online Courses


DSMT Reimbursement: Essentials, 3rd Edition

This online, self-paced, 5-module course addresses the basics of reimbursement for diabetes self-management training/education programs including telehealth. For the most recent updates to telehealth reimbursement during the COVID-19 pandemic, check out the recorded webinar at

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