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As the number of people with diabetes increases, the demands on your time and practice will continue to escalate. Learn more about how and why to work with diabetes educators, including the benefits of diabetes education, what to expect when working with a diabetes educator and how diabetes education can help your patients.

Why Refer for Diabetes Education?

While you manage your patients’ care, diabetes educators focus on empowering them to manage their diabetes. They teach, coach and guide patients so they understand their diabetes in the context of their personal lives.

The Benefits of Diabetes Education

Diabetes education pays off. But fewer than 60 percent of people with diabetes have had any formal diabetes education.

Working with a Diabetes Educator

The classes and counseling a diabetes educator provide address diet, exercise, problem solving, monitoring, medications and more.

How Diabetes Education Helps Patients

While you manage your patients’ care, diabetes educators can empower them to manage their diabetes.

The Importance of Follow-up

Since behavior change is difficult and can take time, it’s important that you not only refer your patients with diabetes to a diabetes educator, but follow up with them to be sure they are continuing their education. 

Find a Diabetes Educator

Help your patients – and your practice – by referring them to a local diabetes educator.

Make a Referral

Here you'll find materials designed to provide information and assist physicians and other qualified non-physician practitioners to make referrals for diabetes education services.

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