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Why Refer for Diabetes Education

Diabetes educators are licensed health care professionals—registered nurses, registered dietitians and pharmacists, among others—who specialize in helping people with diabetes understand how to best manage their diabetes. The counseling and support that diabetes educators provide is known as diabetes education or diabetes self-management training (DSMT). Many of the healthcare professionals who provide these services also carry the designation Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE).

Diabetes educators have a unique skill set and serve as essential support for patients and providers. Diabetes educators can:

  • Increase your practice’s efficiency by assuming time-consuming patient training, counseling and follow-up duties
  • Help you meet pay-for-performance and quality improvement goals
  • Track and monitor patients’ care and progress and provide you with status reports
  • Help delay the onset of diabetes with prevention and self-management training for patients who are at high risk

While you manage your patients’ care, diabetes educators focus on empowering them to manage their diabetes. They teach, coach and guide patients so they understand their diabetes in the context of their personal lives and work with them to set – and meet – behavior change goals to improve their health. 

If you’d like to refer your patients for diabetes education but don’t have existing contacts, find a diabetes educator in your area.

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Learn more about the benefits of working with a diabetes educator: 

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