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Working with a Diabetes Care and Education Specialist

Depending on your preferences and your patient’s healthcare benefits, diabetes education can include up to 10 hours of group classes (9 hours) and individual counseling (1 hour) in the first year after diagnosis and two hours every year thereafter. The classes and counseling address  diet, exercise, problem solving, monitoring, medications and more.

Diabetes care and education specialists use a variety of educational methods, hands-on charts, videos and informational tools to help your patients:

  • Understand exactly what diabetes is and how it affects the body
  • Understand how diabetes medications work to  to lower blood glucose
  • Learn about the importance of healthy eating and how to plan meals
  • Determine which glucose monitoring device will work best for them and train them on how to use it
  • Learn how to use apps and other tools to track their progress
  • Use skills that can help them cope with stress and solve problems as they arise

Learn more how a diabetes care and education specialist can help your patients.  

Below are some success stories from ​physicians who are worked with diabetes care and education specialists: 

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