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AADE can help you become a Diabetes Prevention Program Supplier​

Since 2012, AADE has been working with programs to add prevention to their list of services. Now that Medicare covers the National DPP, opportunities for reimbursement will only grow. We created the AADE Prevention Network to help programs build a diabetes prevention infrastructure, successfully apply for Medicare reimbursement and sustain that success. 

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What is the AADE Prevention NetworkM

It's a comprehensive set of online tools, resources and guidance to help you set up and sustain a reimbursable diabetes prevention program. One low annual subscription fee of $400 gives you unlimited access to:

Data Analysis of Participants System (DAPS®) 
A complete data tracking and analysis tool that will save you time and your program money, ensure accuracy of entry data, help you meet CDC Recognition Standards, and provide intelligence that can boost your marketing efforts.
  • Real-time reporting and analysis of program and participant data in a dashboard format.
  • Analysis at the individual and program level, benchmarked against CDC Recognition Standards.
  • One-click export into the CDC-required report format.
  • Cloud-based, HIPAA compliant.  

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Tools, Resources and Discussion Forum:
Access to an online resource and a network designed to maintain a successful program and help you learn from program coordinators throughout the country.

Insurance Coverage Tracking:
Your one source to keep up with policy changes and maximize participant enrollment and reimbursement rates.
  • Access to national and state insurance requirements, payer policy changes, Medicare and Medicaid fee schedules, and notifications of draft policies submission.
  • Real-time notification of changes in coverage and/or coding for prediabetes, DSMT and MNT.
  • Monthly summary reports for when daily reports are just too much!
Sample DAPS® Data (click to enlarge):
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What you will need to subscribe to the AADE Prevention Network 

You will need to have a CDC DPRP code and effective date, as well as DPP program coordinator contact information.

Additional Prevention Network Documentation for Your Reference:

*AADE agrees to a standard Business Associate Agreement (BAA) for all purchasers (“Covered Entities”) of the AADE Prevention Network’s DAPS® Database. AADE has made a copy of the Subscription Agreement and BAA available to organizations for review prior to purchase. AADE will execute only its standard BAA and is unable to sign individual program/hospital/system BAAs.

What users are saying about the AADE Prevention Network

We love DAPS®! This tool has been a huge time saver for us. We love that we can see our statistics in real-time, and know where we stand for CDC recognition at any time.

- Erica Moore, MHS, RD, BC-ADM, CDE
Medical Group of the Carolinas

The support I’ve received is unbelievable. The resources are priceless, especially DAPS®. I was slow in getting converted over due to fear of losing data in the ‘import.’ I’m a little old school and was fearful it wouldn’t work. Well, it works and works beautifully… If you are apprehensive at all, don’t be. It is the best investment to ensure your success.

- Linda Yauk, MS, RD/LD, CDE, CHWC

We have been offering the NDPP for 4 years but not until the Prevention Network do I feel that I have the tools I need as a program coordinator to manage a truly successful program. The DAPS® program is unparalleled in providing real time data to program coordinators. I am able to see how each cohort is performing individually and collectively. With that information, the Lifestyle Coaches and I can have regular “huddles” to discuss the challenges and problem-solve to get the cohorts to where they need to be in terms of reaching their goals.

- Ronda Merryman-Valiyi
Baptist Health Louisville, Louisville, KY

My favorite tool is DAPS®. Before DAPS® I was having to perform analytics by hand and often did not know until I received report from CDC how we were progressing regarding meeting the standards. Now I can pull up easily where I am in relation to the 5% weight loss goals at 6 months and 12 months. It automatically figures out what my percentage of blood based versus risk test participants is. I can easily give a report on how many lives I have touched, how much total weight has been lost. It does take a little time to input the participant initially but the f/u data is very simple to input and no more having to work with excel! It is life changing in the DPP world! I cannot tell you how much easier it has made the data collection part of my job.

- Gwen Rogerson, MPH, BSN, RN, CDE
Lakeland Regional Health, Lakeland, FL

I have told programs thinking about starting a DPP program how valuable this resource in. The reimbursement tool makes it easy to determine coverage. The DAPS® program is the BEST! I manually entered my data into a spread sheet last year and spent most of a work day completing it. This year, using the DAPS® program, all I did was click on a button and my spreadsheet was created. I also love being able to see after each session how we are doing meeting CDC guidelines. Seeing outcomes can be motivating to participants and is great for preparing reports to businesses. It is well worth the fee to have access to these items.

- Denise Promes, RN, BSN, CDE
Greene County Medical Center, Jefferson, IA

I get so focused on the program that I oversee , sometimes I tend to lose site of the big picture of diabetes prevention. The AADE Prevention Network is a great place to go to see what is happening at other sites and news about prevention across the nation. It is easy to access and reminds us of the awesome efforts going on in this relatively new field of medical care. I was especially impressed with what AADE is doing to share the success of their sites (i.e. journal articles) and the help they are offering us to be better leaders and providers of the NDPP through in-person training and webinars. Thanks AADE.

- Linda Schoon, RD CDE
Poudre Valley Hospital, Fort Collins, CO

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