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How can DAPS® help your program achieve success?

You’ve invested a lot of time and effort activating your National Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) lifestyle change program. Like many prevention programs across the country, you’re probably still learning how to keep your participants engaged while entering data, monitoring metrics, and completing those semi-annual reports to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC.) That’s why ADCES created DAPS - the Data Analysis of Participants System.

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This cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant data tracking and analysis tool will help you meet the CDC’s Diabetes Prevention Recognition Program Standards with one-click export reporting while providing insightful intelligence that boosts your participant outcomes and program success.

  • Real-time reporting and analysis of program and participant data in a dashboard format.
  • Analysis at the individual and program level, benchmarked against CDC’s Recognition Standards.
  • One-click export into the CDC-required report format.

The ADCES Prevention Network® is included with your subscription to DAPS!

What’s ADCES’s Prevention Network? A comprehensive set of online tools, resources and guidance that helps you set up and sustain a diabetes prevention program.

Tools, Resources and Discussion Forum:

Access to an online network to help you learn from program coordinators throughout the country.

Insurance Coverage Tracking:

A one-stop shop to keep up with policy changes and maximize participant enrollment and reimbursement rates.

  • Access to national and state insurance requirements, payer policy changes, Medicare and Medicaid fee schedules, and notifications of draft policies submission.
  • Real-time notification of changes in coverage and/or coding for prediabetes, DSMT and

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ADCES DAPS Sponsor Level Subscription

ADCES’s DAPS Sponsor Level subscription allows the Sponsor entity to view multiple DPP Organizations' DPP data in a de-identified, aggregate level format.

An annual sponsor subscription is designed for entities that oversee multiple CDC DPRP programs and would like to track their data for reporting purposes and to offer guidance and support to their programs.

 ADCES Sponsor Level to see our Sponsor level options.

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Prevention Network Subscription Agreement

Business Associate Agreement (BAA)*

*ADCES agrees to a standard Business Associate Agreement (BAA) for all purchasers (“Covered Entities”) of the ADCES Prevention Network’s DAPS Database. ADCES has made a copy of the Subscription Agreement and BAA available to organizations for review prior to purchase. ADCES will execute only its standard BAA and is unable to sign individual program/hospital/system BAAs.

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