Diabetes Prevention & Prediabetes

Expanding the National Diabetes Prevention Program

Working toward equal access to the lifestyle change program for all people at high risk for developing type 2 diabetes

The CDC has awarded AADE a 5-year cooperative agreement (CDC-DP17-1705) to bring the National DPP to underserved populations with little or no access to diabetes prevention services. Efforts under this funding include working with truck drivers and other at-risk populations including Hispanic, African American and Native American communities.

AADE is working with several different partners, including UnidosUS, Omada Health, Healthy Truckers Association of America, and the Bridgespan Group to raise awareness, conduct screenings, expand coverage areas, and promote enrollment activities.

We are working with several new sites within a Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support (DSMES) program or other healthcare organization to deliver the lifestyle change program in-person. We will also be offering a virtual lifestyle change program to truck drivers, who will be able to participate while they are on the road.

Our efforts and support under this initiative include building the infrastructure necessary to deliver the program to both general and priority populations, tailor and deliver the program to adapt to the unique needs and challenges of participants, and provide participants with specialized support needed to successfully complete the program and achieve 5-7% weight loss.

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