Association of Diabetes Care & Education Specialists


Evidence-based Research on Diabetes Education

Gathering both ADCES-led research and journal articles from outside organizations, here we offer the latest research on diabetes, and the value of diabetes education.


The ADCES Research Committee partners across the organization to support the organization's initiatives with evidence-based research. Our current priorities are:

  • Identifying the diabetes care and education specialist’s role in translating emerging and current technology to self-management, and the training necessary to do this.
  • Reviewing cost effectiveness studies on diabetes education across care models in the healthcare system to develop a replicable framework for implementing diabetes education and in turn reducing costs.
  • Identifying the outcomes of diabetes education across multiple care models.

The association pursues research opportunities to contribute to the evidence base, expand opportunities for diabetes care and education specialists, and improve member awareness, comprehension and analysis of relevant scientific information. 

ADCES values the contribution of research to diabetes care and education, and the support this research offers to the diabetes care and education specialist and the people who are at risk for and have diabetes. We are committed to the ongoing work of developing resources to support research and researchers developing new initiatives in support of the specialty.

We have made it a priority to build a body of evidence that demonstrates the value of diabetes care and education specialists and DSME in enhancing a variety of outcomes - clinical, financial, utilization, behavioral and satisfaction.

There is no better opportunity than at the ADCES Annual Meeting to present emerging science and research in diabetes care and education to healthcare professionals in the field.