Association of Diabetes Care & Education Specialists


Accessing ADCES Membership for Survey Research

ADCES values the contribution of research in diabetes education, and the support this research offers to the diabetes education profession and the people who are at risk for and have diabetes. We also value the privacy of our members. The ADCES policy for access to our membership for survey research recognizes both of these values in its effort to support the growth and expansion of the profession.

Email Narrative & Survey
Submit a sample copy of both the email narrative and the survey you intend to send out to be approval by ADCES.
Research Protocol and IRB
Submit a copy of the research protocol and IRB approval (or waiver) the survey is supporting.
Are you a member of ADCES?

Individuals pay an administrative charge of $100, significantly reduced from the industry charge, to use ADCES lists for research purposes. If approved, the fee must be paid before survey is mailed. Please acknowledge this fee by clicking agree.
I agree to provide ADCES a summary of the research results, as soon as it is available, for dissemination to the membership.
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