AADE Annual Meeting Registration Now Open

There's a lot new this year! We've redesigned the meeting to ensure you gain new insights on how to manage your patients, new connections with peers from around the country and new knowledge of the latest groundbreaking research. Check it out

AADE GPS: An Easy Way to Navigate AADE Offerings

Our new AADE GPS guides you in exploring the benefits of being a member. What do you want out your AADE membership? Let the GPS show you the way.  More

AADE Blog: Blood Pressure Control

Managing blood pressure can be confusing for some people with diabetes, especially when there are so many different guidelines. AADE blogger Jennifer Clements discusses the differences between recommended blood pressure goals and treatment options.  Read her post 




Webinar - Diabetes and Visual Impairment

This webinar will educate participants so that they will be able to assist in providing diabetes education for the visually impaired. Register here.

Webinar - Obesity Series Part III: Pharmacotherapeutic Approaches to the Management of Obesity 

In this webinar, participants will learn about the pharmacologic agents currently available for the management of obesity. With essential knowledge on this topic, diabetes educators can better provide self-management education to individuals with diabetes. Register here.

Webinar - SGLT2 Inhibitors: A New Class of Diabetes Medication

SLGT2 inhibitors are a new class of drugs designed for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. How do they work? What are the indications, efficacy and side effects? Get familiarized with this and more, in this discussion from an expert in this new area.  Register here.



DSME Workshop - Chicago, IL

AADE’s newest workshop, Building Your Diabetes Education Program— "Everything You Need to Know and More" will help you create your own successful DSME program. Already have a program? Learn how to take it to the next level. Register here.