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Consider the AADE Fellow Program. Deadline: April 1

Apply to be an AADE fellow, a distinguished group of diabetes educators recognized for outstanding contributions to diabetes education. More

AADE Blog: Spring is here!

AADE blogger Barbara Walz is excited about spring and all of the healthy lifestyle changes that can come with the warm weather. Read more here




Webinar - Neuropathic Joint Disorders in Diabetes

Explore this common yet often undiagnosed problem in patients with diabetes. Register here



Webinar - DSME Program Management: Expanding your reimbursable services

Learn the wide range of benefits covered by Medicare to increase the sustainability and growth of your DSME program. Register here



CORE ConceptsĀ® Course- Orlando, FL

CORE ConceptsĀ® live will be in Orlando, April 16-18, 2015. Get a real-world overview of the field of diabetes education and care in this 3-day hands on workshop. Register here

Webinar - Focus on Low-Calorie Sweeteners: Where can they fit?

Review the approved products, trends and uses of low-calorie sweeteners to help people with diabetes learn the potential benefits of including these sweeteners in their everyday nutrition plans. Register here

Building Your Diabetes Education Program: "Everything You Need to Know and More"

Attend a one-day workshop to learn the knowledge and skills needed to build a successful diabetes self-management education (DSME) program. Register for Dulles, VA here