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Announcement to all New, Current, and Renewing Programs:

Complimentary AADE Membership: All new and renewing DEAP programs now receive ONE COMPLIMENTARY AADE MEMBERSHIP - The complimentary one-year membership to AADE can be given to your Program Coordinator or to another staff member eligible for membership.

NEW - Education Location Structures: AADE has now defined sites to better meet the needs of its programs. This change should make identifying your sites easier, marketing of your sites clearer, and reimbursement less confusing to your payers.

Community Sites - For DSME programs that wish to expand accessibility to their communities.

Branch Locations - For DSME programs that wish to establish another educational location that would operate semi-independently from the primary program base location.

AADE strives to offer diabetes educators in all settings (including, but not limited to: physician offices, medical clinics, pharmacies, hospital outpatients, public health departments, and community centers) with a way to ensure that they are offering their patients comprehensive, effective diabetes self-management education and to achieve accreditation for their efforts. To begin your journey in becoming a DEAP accredited program, please review the National Standards, Essential Elements and Interpretive Guidance.

National Standards

The official National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education.

National Standards, Essential Elements and Interpretive Guidance

AADE's Diabetes Education Accreditation Program is based on the National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education. View the standards and learn how they relate to AADE's accreditation program.

Applying for Accreditation

AADE offers a streamlined quality accreditation process that increases the feasibility of expanding diabetes education services into diverse community settings. Accreditation instructions and the initial application can be found in the section. Samples of accreditation documents are available in this section for your reference. Click "Applying for Accreditation" to begin.


Accredited Programs

AADE began accrediting diabetes education programs in the fall of 2008. Search current AADE-accredited programs.

Change of Status Form

When an already accredited program under goes a significant change in their program, they must notify the AADE within 30 days of the change. 

Additional Site Considerations - Please review this document before adding an additional site.

Annual Status Report

On an annual basis, your program will need submit an Annual Status Report. 


AADE accredited programs need to submit reports annually and apply for reaccreditation every four years. Review our tools for maintaining your status and forms for reaccreditation.

Additional Resources 

The AADE Diabetes Education Accreditation Program's policies and procedures provide specific information that help to clarify aspects of the various requirements and processes relating to such issues as site visits, reaccreditation, appeals and complaints. Also review DEAP official notices, download a physician referral form or a letter to send to private payers.

Clarification of National Standards Permitting Qualified RDs, RNs, or Pharmacists to Individually Furnish Diabetes Self-Management Training Services


DSMT Reimbursement Tips


The accreditation process through AADE is essential to obtain Medicare reimbursement for DSMT.  However, it is a separate process and does not guarantee Medicare payment.  In addition to the accreditation process, a DSMT program should do the following:

  • Sponsoring organization must have an NPI number as well as be enrolled as a Medicare provider for services other than DSMT
    • NPI application forms:  https://nppes.cms.hhs.gov or for paper application, call 800-465-3203.
    • If new to Medicare, need to submit Form 855I to enroll as a Medicare provider (obtain forms through local Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC))
    • DME/Pharmacy providers must also enroll as a Part B provider to bill for DSMT service
  • Must submit notice of AADE accreditation to local Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC)
  • Confirm that the HCPCS codes for billing DSMT are loaded in billing system (G0108 and G0109)
  • Submit accreditation notice to contracted commercial payers and verify that DSMT codes G0108 and G0109 are included in contract.
  • If off-site locations are added to accredited program, follow process and recommended steps included on AADE website.
  • Consider purchasing reimbursement resources such as AADE’s “ Navigating the Maze: Overcoming the Obstacles to Reimbursement for Diabetes Self-management
  • Members of AADE can seek additional information from the AADE “ Reimbursement Expert” located in our Member Center. Please review the FAQs first because your question may have already been answered.

FAQs- Diabetes Education Accreditation Program (DEAP)  

Becoming a Volunteer Auditor

Interested in becoming a volunteer accreditation auditor? Click here to download the position description.

Comments or Questions

Questions? Email us at DEAP@aadenet.org or call 800.338.3633

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