Annual Status

Once programs achieve accreditation from AADE, it is expected that the National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education Programs (NSDSMEP) are maintained on an ongoing basis.  To ensure that programs continue to meet NSDSMEP Quality Standards, accredited programs must submit information on an annual basis and as deemed necessary by AADE for review.

The program coordinator will recieve a reminder for the report the month prior to the due date of the Annual Status Report via e-mail.  In addition, your program may be randomly selected for a site visit. If a program is selected for a site visit, the program coordinator will be notified at least 10 working days prior to the audit date via e-mail.  It is the responsibility of the accredited program to inform AADE DEAP of any changes in Program Coordinator contact information.  Please submit a Change of Status request to change your Program Coordinator or contact information. 

Before you begin completing the report, please read Policy 5 (Compliance Enforcement). Below is a copy of the Annual Status Report and Instructions to help you through the process.

Annual Status Report Instructions

Read the instructions prior to completing the Annual Status Report.

Listen to our recorded compliance webcast from March 2012 for guidance on the Annual Status Report. 

Policy 5 - Compliance Enforcement

Read Policy 5, Compliance Enforcement, prior to completing the Annual Status Report.

Annual Status Report Form