Policy and Advocacy

Gain information and take action to influence the future of diabetes education and the role of the diabetes educator in health care.


advocacytopAADE is committed to providing diabetes educators and people with diabetes a voice on Capitol Hill and in the state capitals.

The AADE Advocacy program is responsible for maintaining a national network of diabetes educators to support activities that affect persons with diabetes and public policy related to diabetes education and care.

Policy Positions & Statements

Read more about legislative policies that AADE has taken a stance on, and how it applies to diabetes education and its educators.

Legislative Action Center 

Visit here to take action on legislation pending before Congress. Also find your State and Federal Legislators, join the conversation with other diabetes education advocates, learn how to take action via social media, and download meeting resources.

Federal Legislative Issues

AADE is always working for its members at the Federal level on issues that support and promote the diabetes educator. In addition, we are constantly monitoring legislation that affects diabetes educators, diabetes education and people with diabetes. When needed, AADE takes a position on an issue. These are current pieces of federal legislation that AADE is directly involved with, supporting or opposing.

State Legislative Issues

In an effort to gain recognition of the qualified diabetes educator, AADE has embarked on a diabetes educator state licensure initiative. As management of diabetes becomes increasingly complex, it is imperative that diabetes health care professionals be well educated and appropriately credentialed. Licensure of the Diabetes Educator will provide minimum standards for patient safety and for recognition of the professional.

Advocacy Tools & Resources


Get help communicating the facts of DSMT with your members of Congress and find valuable resources for your State and Federal Advocacy efforts.

Affordable Care Act Information & Resources

Affordable Care Act

As changes in health care continue to progress in America, AADE has determined these resources to be useful for our members.

Capitol Hill Basics

Capitol Hill Basics

Informational materials on the legislative process, Congressional staff roles, communicating with your elected officials, and visiting Capitol Hill.

BC-ADM Certification

BC-ADM Certification

Get recognized for the expert you are in the field of diabetes education.

What is a Diabetes Educator Video

Diabetes Educators & You

Watch our short videos to find out how a Diabetes Educator can help you:
Sexuality and Diabetes Tip Sheet

Patient Tip Sheets

Diabetes is a complex disease, so we've created patient tip sheets to help you navigate the surrounding issues.