Practice Resources

AADE Practice Documents

Practice documents inform and support the practice of diabetes education. They include position statements, practice guidelines, white papers, technical papers, and any other document that articulates the association's views and mission, reflects the current evidence and standards of diabetes care, supports the AADE7™ Self-Care Behaviors framework, and provides technical guidance to practitioners.

Scope & Standards

Practice Documents

AADE develops, publishes and disseminates information to help guide the practice and performance of diabetes educators. These are important resources for anyone that provides diabetes education or wishes to learn more about it.

Diabetes Educator Practice Levels

The AADE Practice Levels clarify the roles and responsibilities of all persons involved in the facilitation and/or delivery of diabetes education and care across a continuum of clinic- and community-based settings.

Competencies for Diabetes Educators

The Competencies for Diabetes Educators provides a master list of the knowledge and skills needed for each level of practice and serves as a basis for education, training, development, and performance appraisal of all clinicians engaged in diabetes education.

Practice Advisories

A public statement of the Association that provides information and gives guidance on a particular topic, AADE issues Practice Advisories that have been developed by the Professional Practice Committee on topics of interest to practicing diabetes educators.  

Position Statements

AADE issues position statements on topics related to diabetes education, as well as AADE’s missions and goals. They are developed by a multidisciplinary group of diabetes educators, are peer-reviewed and are submitted for review and final approval to AADE’s Board of Directors.

White Papers

With the assistance of a multidisciplinary group of diabetes educators and other content experts, AADE develops white papers on topics related to diabetes education and care.

Practice Synopses

A summary that provides an overview of a particular topic, AADE issues Practice Synopses that have been developed by the Professional Practice Committee on topics of interest to diabetes educators. 

Diabetes Education Prompt Decks

In 2011 and 2012, AADE developed tools for its diabetes educator members to use in their group classes. They were mailed to all those who were members at that time. 

Insulin Injection Resources

We created a series of tip sheets for diabetes educators to use when assisting their patients with understanding how insulin works and teaching proper injection techniques.

Resources for Prescribers

Resources for Prescribers

As the number of people with diabetes increases, the demands on your time and practice will continue to escalate. Learn more about how and why to work with diabetes educators, including the benefits of diabetes education, what to expect when working with a diabetes educator and how diabetes education can help your patients. One of the most important things relating to the success of diabetes education is follow-up from you. Learn more about the importance of that follow-up in your patients' care and read some tips from our members on working with your diabetes patients.

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