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Empowering People with Diabetes:
Addressing Non-Medical Switching Toolkit

Affordability Resources

This toolkit, sponsored by Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc., contains resources including tip sheets, infographics, advocacy information, and other documents that diabetes care and education specialists can use to help educate and empower people with diabetes to stay on their prescribed medications when faced with non-medical switching. Diabetes care and education specialists can play a powerful role in advocating for people with diabetes and making individuals aware of the options they have in appealing insurer decisions regarding non-medical switching. 

What is Non-Medical Switching?

People with diabetes and other chronic diseases increasingly face challenges in accessing their prescribed medications. Insurers, focused heavily on containing costs, continue to implement non-medical switching. Insurers may force patients to switch from their current medication to a different type of medication by increasing the patients’ out-of-pocket requirements through higher co-pays and reducing maximum plan coverage amounts for prescription medications. Insurers may also eliminate coverage for certain medications. Diabetes care and education specialists know that arbitrarily changing medications for people with diabetes can lead to disruptions or delays in care, increased burden and time in managing diabetes, and serious health complications. This toolkit will provide resources that you can share with your patients to assist them in navigating the complexities of non-medical switching and help them to stay on their prescribed and medications.


Qualitative Impact of Non Medical Switching Report

The Alliance for Patient Access released a new study looking at non-medical switching. This is the first time, a national study provides a clear, measurable look at the qualitative impact of non-medical switching.

qualitative impact of non-medical switching

Non-Medical Switching: Ways to Help Your Patients Obtain the Medications That Were Prescribed for Them

An article in the November 2017 issue of ADCES' practice journal provides an overview of a concerning healthcare trend where people with diabetes are being switched from one medication to another without consent of their provider. Also provided is a handy tip sheet with some of the article's main take-aways. 

Forced Non-Medical Switching

Forced Non-Medical Switching Tip Sheet

Impact of non-medical switching on clinical and economic outcomes, resource utilization and medication-taking behavior: a systemic literature review


The objective of the study was to evaluate current knowledge of the impact of non-medical switching on clinical and economic outcomes, resource utilization and medication-taking behavior. 

#KeepMyRx Campaign

The #KeepMyRx campaign seeks to raise public awareness about the benefits of medical stability and the impact on patient health of being forced by their health plans to switch medicines. They provide educational and advocacy resources that can be used by both diabetes educators and people with diabetes. Below is a fact sheet, information page, and video that discusses non-medical switching and how people can take action.

Common Barriers to Treatment

Tools for Diabetes Care and Education Specialists 
and People with Diabetes

An important aspect of advocacy is education. We must educate healthcare providers, payers, patients, and policymakers on the issues associates with non-medical switching. The following multi-media resources can be used to inform key stakeholders regarding the issues with non-medical switching. These can serve as important talking points in advocating for change.

Diabetes Patients' New Challenge

Understanding Non-Medical Switching

Take Action!

As the 116th Congress progresses and state legislative sessions begin, we will provide more updates on current legislation addressing non-medical switching. Until then, you can view previous legislative efforts and other ways to take action.

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