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  • The F Word Your Gut, Waistline and Blood Glucose Will Appreciate!

    By ADCES Perspectives on Diabetes Care | Apr 04, 2020

    Evidence continues to emerge on how the diversity and types of bacteria in the gut contribute to autoimmune disease, obesity, diabetes, insulin resistance, Alzheimer’s, IBS and more. So as diabetes care and education specialists, how can we promote weight loss, decrease risks of depression and help manage blood glucose all at once? Fiber!

  • 5 Ways to Grow Cultural Competence: Working with the Eating Habits and Customs of Different Cultures

    By ADCES Perspectives on Diabetes Care | Mar 31, 2020

    Connecting with local people is the best way to learn about a new culture, so the client is your best guide to learn about their culture and how to support their diabetes management in a culturally competent manner. Guest blogger Sandra Arevalo shares five recommendations for healthcare providers who are looking to increase cultural competency in easy, fun and interactive ways.

  • African American Women’s Hair Care: Overcoming This Barrier to Exercise

    By ADCES Perspectives on Diabetes Care | Mar 31, 2020

    African American women often report “sweating out my hairstyle” as a barrier to exercise since styling their hair can be tedious, time-consuming, and costly. If diabetes care and education specialists are to address the hair care barrier that exists to physical activity among African American females, there must be a baseline knowledge of the hair care and maintenance barriers.

  • The 10 Most Common COVID-19 Questions From the Diabetes Community

    By ADCES Perspectives on Diabetes Care | Mar 30, 2020

    Click here for COVID-19 updates
    Diabetes care and education specialists can play a strong role in guiding people with diabetes through the facts of COVID-19. In this blog post, the Diabetes Strong community share their most burning COVID-19 questions and Diabetes Strong founder Christel Oerum and endocrinologist Dr. Anne L. Peters give you the answers.

  • The Latest Guidance for Diabetes Prevention Programs During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    By ADCES Perspectives on Diabetes Care | Mar 18, 2020

    Many diabetes prevention organizations are wondering how to sustain their CDC-recognized lifestyle change programs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Access the latest CDC-guidance and get your questions answered.

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