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Live Coverage of the 2011 AADE Annual Meeting

Aug 03, 2011

Hello AADE Members!

Welcome to our "live" coverage of the 2011 AADE Annual Meeting in Las Vegas! Four of our bloggers are onsite and will be posting their thoughts, reactions, and reports on the happenings here at the conference. And another blogger will be covering the Virtual Meeting from her home.

Remember to keep checking the AADE Blog, like us on Facebook, and follow both @AADEdiabetes and @AADEAnnualMtg on Twitter to keep up with the latest news and events. Also, if you are here at the meeting, post your thoughts, questions and reactions here or on any of our other social media outlets!

Our bloggers are looking forward to the education and networking that this week will bring. Here's what they have to say:

Barbara Walz, RN, BSN, CDE
The old saying, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” does NOT apply to AADE11! It’s important to take back the skills you’ve learned and the relationships you’ve made and integrate them into your practice. Helping individuals with diabetes change their behavior is hard, and many educators often face the same challenges. That’s why I’m especially looking forward to the new products that I’ll find on the Exhibit floor and the conversations I’ll have with old friends (and new ones!). We can discuss our challenges and potential solutions or strategies to approach the situation. If you’re here at the meeting, don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to vendors or other members and start a conversation. You never know what helpful tips you may gain from them!

Iris Sanchez, DNP, FNP, ADM, CDE
I'm so excited to be here at AADE11! I'm a nurse practitioner in primary care, so finding innovative models for DSME/T AND receiving adequate reimbursement are hot topics for me. I plan to attend sessions addressing delivery and business models and reimbursement, and I hope to discover strategies to improve the financial sustainability of diabetes education programs of the future. Also, I'm a speaker at a breakout session on Group Medical Sessions! I'm nervous but excited to participate!

Carla Cox, PhD, RD, CSSD, CDE
After delayed flights and and a midnight shuttle ride through Vegas, I began to wonder why I bother coming to these conferences. But, then I remember that the Annual Meeting is a unique time to network with other diabetes educators and explore my interests with different breakout sessions. Also, I have the hardest time deciding whether to attend the physical activity community of interest; camp educators or office and clinic based networking sessions. This morning, my fellow bloggers and I had breakfast and got to know each other a little better. It is such fun sharing ideas, putting faces to names and enjoying fellowship and that is one of the major reasons I can leave the beautiful state of Montana and the work that I truly enjoy to attend this great annual event. More blogs to come!

Karen Kemmis, PT, DPT, MS, CDE
We are halfway through the first day of the Annual Meeting, and I'm so glad I came! I am seeing friends I have made over the years and getting a chance to speak to colleagues in person rather than via email. Virtual communication is nice, but it isn’t the same as having a conversation face to face. I want to see and touch new devices and look forward to being led through new technology by people who understand it much better than I do. This morning , I attended a breakout session on giving great presentations-which is out of my area of expertise! This year, I am going to look for other topics to help me grow, professionally and personally. So much to do, so little time…now, off to the next session!


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  1. Aug 04, 2011

    Hi Nancy, I'm sorry you're having a hard time accessing the Virtual Meeting. I've forwarded your comment to the support team, and they should be contacting you soon. If anyone else is experiencing technically difficulties, enter the "Help Desk" within the Virtual Environment and a live support rep will address your individual questions. Also, in response to Nancy's other question, The Abbott Corporate Symposium is in the Education Room under "Abbott Corporate Symposium."
  2. Aug 04, 2011

    I'm an RN, Certified Diabetes Educator and CEO of non-profit diabetes organization with mission to increase access for the underserved Latino families both at our diabetes center (Hospital out-patient center and as volunteer community service). I am registered on-line now for virtual conference. Wondering if there are others here in Chicago/Berwyn, etc? I had some technical difficulties yesterday so I've come to our hospital library to see if I get better reception. I also was not able to get my certificate at the end of the sessions? Anyone else having better results or could advise? I am about to try to log on again and wonder what other access we have by virtual meeting besides the Abbott Nutrition tonight at 7pm - by the way how do we log on ?? Grateful for any help (708 743-3898), Nancy

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