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Dialed Into a Plant-Based Diet

Jun 12, 2019

Guest blogger Jason Garrett tells AADE how his health and the health of his clients improved after he discovered a resource in the Plant-Based Nutrition Community of Interest (COI), a professional development and networking forum available to all AADE members through MY AADE NETWORK.

by Jason GarrettJason Garrett

About 10 years ago, I found out that I had prediabetes. It shook my world around, and it started a decade of new learning, new experiences and an overall desire to help any individual that I meet; not only with health and fitness, but with spirituality as well. I am currently a personal trainer and wellness/nutrition coach and I recently became a diabetes lifestyle coach.

My ongoing goal is to educate myself daily in this fight for better health and to use every resource that I come across. Becoming an AADE member has changed my life and the way that I think. My approach is totally different now because I found a new tool for success — the plant-based diet. Thank you to the Plant-Based Nutrition COI for posting the article that has helped my clients and me to achieve weight loss. I like to think of changing my diet as a total lifestyle change that will be permanent; not a temporary fix, but a new way of thinking and living.

People have noticed a boost in my energy and a renewed sense of urgency in my daily life and in my encounters with them.

Over the last two years I have toyed around with plant-based meals on Mondays. I called it my “Meatless Mondays” and it was a starting point. It extended to several days and then weeks, but never with any real sustainability. After I found the CDE’s Plant-Based Nutrition for Diabetes Toolkit, I really dialed in. People have noticed a boost in my energy and a renewed sense of urgency in my daily life and in my encounters with them.

Now, my clients are also following the plant-based diet for weight loss and for helping with other chronic diseases. I had previous success after becoming a pescatarian, but it doesn’t compare to how I have transformed over the last 45 days. I eat local vegetables (some organic) and do intermittent fasting and juicing. I now have a new way of living that is sustainable and healthy.

Thank you again to the Plant-Based Nutrition COI. I’m happy to be part of a team that is focused on educating others to live healthier lives.

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