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Diabetes Technology Conference: Join us for a two-day immersion into all things diabetes tech

Oct 27, 2022

By Diana Isaacs, PharmD, BCPS, BCACP, BC-ADM, CDCES 

Similar to Gary Scheiner, MS, CDCES, Fall is also my favorite time of year. I have been enjoying the Fall Farm Festivals in Ohio, where the leaves are beautifully changing and there are tons of Corn Mazes. And as Fall starts to wind down, we have the 2nd Annual ADCES Diabetes Technology Conference Dec 9th-10th in Chicago.

Diabetes technology is exploding! I have the great fortunate to co-chair the second annual ADCES Diabetes Technology Conference with the amazing Gary Scheiner, MS, CDCES. This is a conference not to be missed as it’s 2 days of immersion in all thing’s diabetes tech with a focus on practical tools and implementation into your practice. Last year’s meeting was an astounding success with extremely high ratings from participants. This year will build on last year’s CGM focus and expand to include more information on insulin pumps, automated insulin delivery and connected pens. There will also be a number of sessions dedicated to hands on training where you can touch and feel the devices and even wear them! I find that I learn best by personally trying things out.  Also, you can get all your questions answered on new tech products by interacting with the variety of tech vendors. Tech changes so fast that your industry reps are great resources to stay up to date.  

I am especially excited to present with Dr. Rich Bergenstal from the International Diabetes Center. Our presentation is titled, “Data Interpretation – Beyond A1C, AGP, TIR, GMI, TBR.” We will talk about how to quickly and efficiently review data. We will discuss the DATAA method and other tips and tricks like the value of focusing on TBR or time below range as the first priority. Dr. Bergenstal will share his famous sayings like FNIR-flat, narrow in range and more green, less red as well as some new ones you may have never before seen or heard!

We have a stellar line-up of speakers and topics. I also look forward to all of the networking and new collaboration that may come out of it. I hope to see you soon in Chicago!

Here's the link to find out more:


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    Additionally, there will be certain sessions devoted to hands-on instruction where you may wear and interact with the gadgets. I've discovered that doing things for myself helps me learn the most.  Run 3

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