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Enhance Your Knowledge and Skills in Providing Cost Effective and Quality Care at ADCES23

May 15, 2023

By Barbara Kocurek PharmD, BCPS, CDCES, FADCES

Are you looking for tools and resources to provide cost effective and quality care? ADCES23 is the perfect opportunity to learn how to perform at the top of your scope, revitalize your programs, maximize your impact, and decrease hospitalizations. This year features some exciting innovative presentations such as improving access and outcomes with a community paramedic program, highlighting our value by using outcomes research, and the role of DCES in shaping the industries that impact diabetes care. Connect with leaders in the space who are successfully running programs and delivering exceptional care by attending a variety of sessions sprinkled throughout the conference:

Friday Aug 4th

  • Perform at the Top of Your Scope Using Standing Orders and Policies
  • Determine Which Interventions to Fund to Reach Targets in Rural Diabetes Care
  • Revitalize your Diabetes Program or Business with Proven Strategies
  • Decrease Hospitalizations with Standardized Clinician Education in Home Health
  • Maximize Your Impact as an Inpatient DCES: Beyond Education
  • Use Key Performance Indicators to Lower Employer Health Care Costs

Sat Aug 5th

  • Drive Clinical Standardization to Improve Outcomes and Lower Costs
  • Improve Access and Outcomes in Rural Areas with a Community Paramedic Program
  • Ready Your Hospital for CMS Harm Measures for Severe Hypo/Hyperglycemia*

Sun Aug 6th

  • Examine the Pros and Cons of Microlearning in DSMES*
  • Highlight the Value of the DCES and DSMES Using Outcomes Research
  • Define, Develop, and Use Glycemic Metrics to Improve Inpatient Care*
  • Apply the Quintuple Aim as a Guiding Framework for Our Specialty’s Transition*

Mon Aug 7th

  • Navigate Medicaid State Policies and Coverage for Diabetes Prevention and Care
  • Play a Part in Shaping the Industries that Impact Diabetes Care
  • Leverage an Enhanced Primary Care Model for Diabetes Management in Rural Areas
  • Deliver Care as a Diabetes Entrepreneur: Emerging Practice Models
  • Illustrate How a TeleDiabetes Program for Rural Veterans Led to Excellent Outcomes

We are unstoppable. We are empowered. We are transformers. Register today for ADCES23 and be a part of the excitement!

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