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AADE’s Involvement in Immunization Education: Connecting Nurses, NFID, ESWI, CDC

Nov 19, 2018

We are now a member of Connecting Nurses, a worldwide patient-centered nursing program that is currently focused on:

  • Raising awareness on flu vaccination and diabetes: Influenza is more frequent among patient with diabetes, the risk of hospitalization 6x greater
  • The importance of nurses being vaccinated in order to protect their patients, especially those who have diabetes
  • Applying behavioral science in daily nursing practice via motivational interview techniques or patient and nurse dialogue optimization tools

Earlier this year, Melissa Young, PharmD, CDE, BC-ADM, represented AADE on a National Foundation for Infectious Diseases (NFID) roundtable titled “Preventing Chronic Hepatitis B Infections in US Adults through Increased Vaccination Rates Among At-Risk Groups.” One of those at-risk groups was people with diabetes.

Based on the roundtable presentations and discussions, NFID developed a Call to Action and a CME journal article for Infectious Diseases in Clinical Practice. Both documents summarize the prevalence, incidence, and impact of HBV infection in the US and present strategies for improving communications and awareness activities that lead to better HBV vaccine uptake.

Next up: Melissa will be participating in another roundtable on, “The Dangers of Influenza and Chronic Health Conditions: The Importance of Annual Vaccination” involving a discussion about goals and strategies for increasing flu vaccination rates among vulnerable populations in the US. Goals:

  • Reset healthcare professional and consumer perceptions of flu beyond acute infection and the importance of annual vaccination, emphasizing its benefit to overall health and mitigation of illness severity and flu-related complications
  • Highlight the critical need for vaccination among adults with chronic health conditions

Soon after the roundtables convened, AADE received an invitation from the European Scientific Working Group on Influenza (ESWI) to attend a closed meeting of the diabetes community as an observer providing a new perspective to the diabetes/influenza issue. The goal was to develop a joint action plan to raise awareness about the impact of influenza infection in people with diabetes.

ESWI asked AADE to present some inspiring ‘good practices’ of patient communication focusing on successful campaigns. Jodi Lavin-Tompkins, Director of Accreditation, was able to highlight AADE’s campaign in partnership with the CDC.

Of interest was videos produced by the International Diabetes Foundation and Mytonomy on influenza immunization education for people with diabetes. ESWI is now in the process of developing a global plan of action. AADE will continue to participate as needed in this effort.

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