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Taking Requests: Share your ideas for blog topics

May 10, 2017

I am finishing my tenth year in academia/higher education. In academia, there were three pillars – teachings, scholarship, and service – in which an individual is evaluated for promotion and/or tenure, depending on the institution. Therefore, research and other peer-reviewed scholarly activities must be completed. I have written manuscripts or research proposals over the past 10 years. In reflection, there are definitely times that are easier than others. However, there are definite moments of struggle in which I am not sure which word to write next or I have no idea what to write about in general – essentially, I experience “writer’s block” on occasion.

I have volunteered for the past several years to write monthly blogs for AADE members. I definitely enjoy being a blogger because it gives me the freedom to write about something that I think is interesting or will be of interest to AADE members. It also allows me to write about something in an informal manner, compared to the academic style required for a manuscript or research proposal.

In comparison to my other writing, there have been months where the topic easily comes to my mind and I can share information. It is definitely easier when the AADE Annual Conference approaches, as I can write about various presentations, events, programs, or activities and post them on social media. However, there are moments of struggle in which I have no idea what to write about in terms of diabetes management or education. That may seem odd, considering that there is a wide range of various topics within diabetes education and management to discuss and evaluate.

I want to hear what you want me to write about

At this moment, I am at a crossroads again. I have spent some time while driving home from work trying to think of a topic for a monthly blog. Over the past year or so, I have thought of these monthly blogs as a chance to write about what I would want to read about, or to write about a topic that I would like to share with members.

However, I would like to take a different approach for the months of June, July and August: I want to hear what you want me to write about for the next three months. It can be anything ranging from diabetes education or diabetes management, to a specific medication, or a perspective of clinical practice. If there is anything that you want to read about, please place the idea in the comment box and I will review for consideration.

Please share the blogs with your colleagues or practice group and have them make a suggestion in terms of potential topics that may intrigue them to start reading on a monthly basis. If you are part of a regional diabetes educator group, send out an email asking for topics that one person can post for the group.

In conclusion, please share what you would like to read about over the next three months; I write this blog for you!

Jennifer Clements

 About the Author

Jennifer Clements received her Doctorate of Pharmacy from Campbell University in 2006 and completed a primary care residency at a Veterans Affairs Medical Center in 2007. She is also a certified diabetes educator and board certified in pharmacotherapy. Currently, she is the Interim Chair and Associate Professor in the Department of Pharmacy Practice at Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy.

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    I am beginning a community support group. I have advertised and my name is listed at the bottom of the flyer and all of the people who call me tell me they need more education. They tell me the doctor orders the medication and then tells them to avoid breads and sweets. I want them to come away from the support group with tools they can use but also learn from one another. In my mind I figured the first 15 minutes could be used as a time for giving some information/education. For the people who attend that need more in-depth education, menu and diet planning I was going to refer them to the dietitian for more outpatient education. Unfortunately, I have a dietitian who is saying that I am not meeting the goals or the objectives for the community support group. My objective is to provide support for the diabetic patient or anyone else who wants to attend because they have a family full of diabetics. I want them to comfortable with the group and come away feeling that they are not alone in this. My goals are to provide support in the manner of education, links, newsletters, resources such as the calorieking, and most importantly I want the group to discuss their issues and I will add information but I want them to communicate with one another and find support in each other too. I'm wondering from you or anyone else who reads this do you feel I am on the right track?

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