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New DANA App Review from the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) Meets Critical Need among Healthcare Professionals

Feb 05, 2018

Health-based mobile app hub simplifies finding and recommending apps for diabetes and other chronic conditions

As mobile health apps continue to flood the market, it can be a challenge for healthcare professionals and those with chronic conditions like diabetes to determine which apps offer the most benefit. The DANA App Review, launched February 5, provides AADE members with the ability to explore a variety of diabetes and wellness apps, and easily recommend them to their patients.

“AADE is excited to give members a tool that streamlines the often confusing process of finding and recommending apps to people at risk for or affected by diabetes,” said 2018 AADE President Donna Ryan. “Technology is rapidly changing where and how people with diabetes are able to manage their disease. It’s imperative as diabetes educators that we are able to meet them in their space and provide informed guidance that offers support beyond clinical visits.”

AADE members can access the DANA App Review at Benefits include: 

Comprehensive App Library: More than 300 health apps are available for review and download, for topics ranging from diabetes to healthy eating and being active.  

Unbiased Reviews: Apps are reviewed by healthcare professionals on key points to give users a snapshot of which apps work best for their condition and lifestyle.  

Platform to Share: Each app can be shared via email or text message directly with intended users, streamlining the mobile app recommendation process.

The DANA App Review is one portion of DANA: Diabetes Advanced Network Access launching in Summer 2018. DANA will be a one-stop-resource for company-supported device and product training, technology-focused resources, continuing education and the latest technology news.


About AADE
AADE is a multi-disciplinary professional membership organization dedicated to improving diabetes care through innovative education, management and support. With more than 14,000 professional members including nurses, dietitians, pharmacists, exercise specialists, and others, AADE has a vast network of practitioners working with people who have, are affected by or are at risk for diabetes. Learn more at, or visit us on Facebook (American Association of Diabetes Educators), Twitter (@AADEdiabetes) and Instagram (@AADEdiabetes).

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