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What's New DANA?

Mar 14, 2019

DANA is 6 months old!  In that time, we've averaged over 3300 unique users each month.  We are thrilled to see many of our members taking advantage of this award-winning site.

DANA Case Studies - Testimonial

My personal favorite testimonial is actually from my daughter, a senior student nurse at St. Louis University who has her clinicals at Barnes Hospital.  She sent me this text:

"I’m shadowing a diabetes educator RN today in my clinical and talked about how you work for AADE and helped develop DANA and they said they use it all the time and that it’s a major resource for them and their patients. It was so cool to see all the hard work for DANA such an impact in people's lives!!"

How are YOU using DANA?  What else could DANA provide for you?

If you have some stories of your own, please share them with us:

As leaders, your stories can help provide unique insights on how to use DANA in practice and encourage other members to engage.

So what's new in DANA?

This year, we will be adding an additional 30 apps in the app review.  The first set is now available and includes:

  • Carb Manager - Keto & Low Carb Diet Tracker
  • Glucose Buddy Diabetes Tracker
  • GlucoseZone
  • Step Counter - Pedometer Free & Calorie Counter
  • Diabetes:M
  • Diabetes Forecast
  • CalorieKing Food Search
  • Sugarmate
  • GoodRx

In March, we will be adding some additional functionality to DANA including:

  1. Save my password
  2. Search for free courses
  3. Keyword Resources filter

Watch for more announcements on future enhancements.

If you have ideas on what else you'd like to see in DANA, feel free to send us your ideas:

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