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Get ready for ADCES Connect

Mar 06, 2020

We have been working hard to bring you the newest update to your online community site, MY AADE NETWORK, to make sure you have the best tools at your disposal.

In March 2020, MY AADE NETWORK will become ADCES Connect, your new link to state, local and special interest resources. ADCES Connect will have a whole new look, more aligned with ADCES’ new brand and colors, but it’s not just a face lift to the old site, this will be a whole new website built on a brand new, more modern platform.

Some new features that are coming your way have been requested by many, so we are happy to provide:

  • A new, modern layout
  • A new profile making it easier to connect and contact peers
  • Easy-to-use cross posting so that you can post to multiple communities at once
  • Updated email functionality to easily reply all or reply privately to the original poster
  • New administration tools and functions to better manage your CB, LNG or COI

The new community website may look different and have a new name, but we have designed it to feel familiar to MY AADE NETWORK. We have worked to make sure that everything you are looking for will be where you expect it to be, but require less clicks to navigate and making your interactions easier.

Our number one goal when building ADCES Connect was to make sure there was no loss of the vital information and content that is housed on MY AADE NETWORK. All your community subscriptions, content, files, past discussions and posts will be carried over so that when you log in, your information will be there.

I am excited to be able to bring you this new home online, and I hope you’ll be excited to use it.

Kevin M. Schaefer
Online Community Program Manager
Association of Diabetes Care & Education Specialists

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