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Three Steps to Optimize Your CB, LNG or COI Social Media Profile

Sep 09, 2020

If you use social media personally, then you are already aware that an online presence provides you with many opportunities to share ideas and collaborate. A social media account dedicated to your CB, LNG or COI is a tool you can leverage to create a virtual community. ADCES Connect is a great virtual community resource to engage ADCES members with quality content, but a social media account offers another option to reach nonmember healthcare professionals and people with diabetes in your area.

Your CB, LNG or COI may already be using social media to introduce audiences to your local leaders, promote local trainings, offer support and share updates, but the first step for success on social media is to make sure your target audience can find you.

Here are three tips to optimize your social media account and ensure it has accurate and current information that will engage viewers.

  1. Select an ADCES-branded username and display name that emphasizes your relationship to the association. The American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) became the Association of Diabetes Care & Education Specialists (ADCES) in January 2020. Using an ADCES-branded username is important to keep your account available to new members and nonmembers who may not be familiar with the previous name of the association. Update your Facebook page name, Twitter handle or Instagram username to prevent any confusion for users who are looking for you. Choosing an ADCES-related display name also allows you to provide more detail and context than the username since it allows more characters.
  2. Add details that briefly informs viewers of the information they can expect when following your account. Feel free to include details about your mission, your area or special initiatives your group is working on. The bio section of your profile will usually only fit a sentence or two, so your elevator pitch should include a clear call to action to “follow us” or “learn more” by clicking through to your website.
  3. Add links and contact details that allow viewers to learn more about your group. The link to your ADCES Connect page is probably the best link to include in your profile since it includes the latest discussions, upcoming events and network information. If your group has a dedicated email that is checked regularly, you may want to include that for nonmembers who may have questions for you but are not familiar with ADCES Connect.


Please register your ADCES-affiliated social media account with the ADCES communications department so we provide the appropriate support. Please email with links to the accounts, the contact person for each account and the associated CB, LNG or COI.

If you need more resources to start a social media account for your group, the ADCES communications department has social media guidelines that contain more recommendations for an optimal profile. If you have additional questions or need support with any of your group’s social media needs, the department is available to help you with your specific needs. Email for more guidance, tools and resources.

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