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Expanding Services to Additional Sites

ADCES has two ways to expand your services:  Branch Sites and Community Sites.  We have put together a chart to help you determine which applies to your expansion.

  Main Site  Branch Site Community Site 
Definition  Location of the administrative site or site of service listed on the application  Site associated with the main site within the same health system but operates semi-independently  An extended copy of the main site offered in a location in the community

Quality Coordinator

Same as main site Same as main site

DSMES team 

  May be different from main site Same as main site

Target Population

  May be different from main site Same as main site

CQI Plan

  May be different from main site Same as main site


  May be different from main site Same as main site

Accreditation Certificate

Yes, own program ID number Yes, same program ID number as main site No

Website posting on map of accreditation sites 

Yes Yes No

Audit of site needed separate from main site 

  Yes No


$1100 $100 per site No additional cost


  Can bill separately from main site All billing goes through main site
Ownership   Typically under same ownership as main site Under different ownership

A note about hospital-based programs who want to expand into the community: 

CMS stated in the CY 2017 Proposed Physician Payment Rule: “when the DSMT services are furnished by an entity that is a hospital outpatient department (HOPD), these DSMT services must be furnished in the hospital (including a provider-based department) and cannot be furnished at alternate non-hospital locations. 

No further clarification has been provided by CMS at a national level. It is recommended that you reach out to your local Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) for further clarification. Learn more about MACs.

Corporations and Large Organizations

Due to necessary regulatory and oversight provisions, corporate and commercial entities wishing to seek accreditation for multiple locations need to contact ADCES for further discussion and pricing. 


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