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You may have already been offering a form of diabetes education at your facility and are wondering about taking that next step. Getting accredited takes some time but is has several benefits that will increase the value not only to your organization, but to the individuals it serves.


  • What are the benefits of accreditation?
  • How do I know if my program is eligible to apply for accreditation?
  • What is the cost to apply?
  • Why should I obtain accreditation through AADE?

Additional Resources

National Standards and Interpretive Guidance 

All accredited programs must meet the same National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management and Support (DSMES).  The Standards are updated at a minimum every five years in a joint effort by CMS, AADE, and ADA.  Check here to find the most recent published standards and here for the latest version of AADE’s Interpretive Guidance for implementing the standards.

Billing and Reimbursement

Accreditation is required in order to bill Medicare and other payers for DSMES (CMS refers to it as DSMT or DSME/T).

Before diving right in to accreditation, become knowledgeable about the billing and reimbursement requirements. You will find frequently asked questions about billing and reimbursement for DSMT here. AADE members can also gets answers from our Reimbursement Expert.

National Resources

The CDC has a DSMES toolkit you may find helpful. 

The following are links to references for Medicare coverage and reimbursement information pertaining to DSMT:

Ready to apply? 

Head here when you're prepared to start the application process.

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