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2017 AADE National Practice Survey

An in-depth look at the the diabetes education specialty

The National Practice Survey is a comprehensive dive into the diabetes education specialty in the US. Completed every two years, it documents current practice to obtain insight about factors influencing the work of the diabetes care and education specialist, and help to drive programs and guidance created by AADE. 

Changes and Trends in Diabetes Education

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The results of the 2017 NPS demonstrate that diabetes care and education specialists are meeting the needs of varied populations in various practice settings. They are working with individuals with type 1 and type 2 diabetes, those at risk for diabetes, and women with gestational diabetes and are involved in recommending, implementing, and providing key referrals and recommendations for diabetes care, including insulin initiation, titration, medication adjustments, recommendations on devices, and technology. Diabetes educators are playing an increasingly central role within multidisciplinary care teams with people at risk for diabetes, those who have diabetes, and those with other chronic conditions.

Highlights from the National Practice Survey

Joanne Rinker


Joanne Rinker​, AADE's Director of Practice and Content Development, talks about highlights from the 2017 National Practice Survey and what AADE is doing with this valuable information to help drive initiatives and address trends. 

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