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Board Certified-Advanced Diabetes Management (BC-ADM®)

What is a BC-ADM?

The person holding the BC-ADM credential skillfully manages complex patient needs and assists patients with their therapeutic problem-solving. Within their scope of practice, healthcare professionals who hold the BC-ADM certification:

  • Adjust medications
  • Treat and monitor acute and chronic complications and other comorbidities
  • Counsel patients on lifestyle modifications
  • Address psychosocial issues
  • Participate in research and mentoring

How the BC-ADM Made a Difference in My Career

Janice Baker, RD, CDE, BC-ADM has 33 years of practice. Hear why she became a BC-ADM and why attaining the credential made a big difference.


Eligible Professions
  • Registered Nurse (includes NPs and CNSs)
  • Registered Dietitian
  • Pharmacist
  • PA
  • Physician
  • 500 clinical practice hours in advanced diabetes management within 48 months prior to taking certification examination
Other Requirements
  • Advanced degree (master's degree or higher in relevant field)

  • Clinical hours must take place after relevant licensure and advanced degree have been obtained
Exam Structure
  • 175 multiple choice questions, including 25 pretest/unscored
  • Time allowed: 3 hours and 30 minutes
Major Exam Content Areas
(# of Items / Area
  • Assessment and Diagnosis (47)
  • Planning and Intervention (48)
  • Evaluation and Follow-up (37)
  • Leadership and Advanced Professional Practice (18)
Practice Exam
  • Over 70 multiple choice questions available in two modes: practice and exam
  • $39 ADCES Members
  • $59 Nonmembers
Initial Certification Fees
  • $600 ADCES members
  • $900 Nonmembers
Exam Window
  • June (application due May 1; final deadline May 15 with $50 late fee)
  • December (application due Nov 1; final deadline Nov 15 with $50 late fee)
Renewal Requirements
  • Every 5 years
  • $500 ADCES members
  • $800 Nonmembers
  • 1000 practice hours
  • Professional development requirements: There are six categories, including Continuing Education Hours, Academic Credits, Presentations, Publications or Research, Preceptor, and Professional Service.

Candidate Handbook

All the information you need to apply for the exam, renew your certification and explore the exam outline.


Begin your BC-ADM application process.


BC-ADM certification renewal is required every 5 years.

The Growing Field of BC-ADMs

Ritesh Patel, CDE, BC-ADM, CPP speaks with Clinical Pharmacists Blake Sullivan and Cornelius Toliver about the growing field of BC-ADMs, and what will encourage more people to earn this credential.


Information on verifying BC-ADM status for candidates.


Answers to frequently asked questions about the BC-ADM exam and certification for both first time applicants and those renewing.

Tools & Resources

Links to the practice exam and information on exam administration.

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